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life balance

Balancing your life takes a level of confidence to get on tract and stay on track. Being on track can mean different things to different people. Your life balance is very much linked to your needs, want, and desires. Having a balance between the things you have to do, the things you must do and the things you would like to do can be tricky.  Sometimes we get them all muddled up.  How can we determine what goes where and when and why.  It probably starts with reflections.  What do you need to be doing in your life that would fall apart if it was not done or was neglected? what areas do you really want to achieve in and get right? what parts of your life would you really like to do more in?  These could be the starting reflective questions to what you can then go on to consider when puting some clearer perspectives on things and getting the needs, wants and desires to life balance just right.  If you can sort out these three via reflection your on your way to determining what goes where and more importantly why!!

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