Some fab pics from Dynamic Heights Training days

Runner up Award

Its is a good feeling to receive a runners up award for Entrepreneur recently and attend a gala event at the Manchester Hilton.  A spectacular evening of entertainment and fun.  It is truly an honour to be recognised by someone unknown to you, who appreciates who you are and what you do! it makes me want to do more of it myself for others who shine in my life too!  Are we looking for those people in your live that you too could give an award to.  Who in your life right know deserves recognition? deserves to be told how much of a good influence they are in your life.  What impact they have and contribute so much to in your personal growth.  What can you do to show your appreciation for them? have a good think and then maybe the next best thing is to act on it!!!! it may make someone smile!! and how nice can that be?

pic from awards (2)

Adding Value

At the end of a training session today with a group of women working on being more confident in communicating, I asked the question how they felt at the end of the session.  Comments like enthusiastic, excited, positive, hopeful, energised! were some of the responses. this was uplifting and rewarding for me to here, looking forward to next weeks session.

Women of Worth


life balance

Balancing your life takes a level of confidence to get on tract and stay on track. Being on track can mean different things to different people. Your life balance is very much linked to your needs, want, and desires. Having a balance between the things you have to do, the things you must do and the things you would like to do can be tricky.  Sometimes we get them all muddled up.  How can we determine what goes where and when and why.  It probably starts with reflections.  What do you need to be doing in your life that would fall apart if it was not done or was neglected? what areas do you really want to achieve in and get right? what parts of your life would you really like to do more in?  These could be the starting reflective questions to what you can then go on to consider when puting some clearer perspectives on things and getting the needs, wants and desires to life balance just right.  If you can sort out these three via reflection your on your way to determining what goes where and more importantly why!!

A more confident you!

Aim to push past a barrier one step at a time towards your goal or vision this will creates a more stable and timely approach to building your confidence.  Feeling fear during moving forward is common, however this doesnt have to be all that bad if you know that the end result will be to accomplish your goal or vision, also importantly to have overcome “what was” and be looking and feeling the now of,  “what is”!

A step each day takes the fear away!!!!

Afro Caribbean Women’s Workshop

Transformational lifestyle workshops for Afro-Caribbean Women moving from “Thoughts to Action” training to inspire!Workshops with Dynamic option pdf-page-0