Dynamic Heights

 Dynamic Heights


Adele Harrison

I attended two courses run by Mumba. The confidence course and the interview skills and techniques. At the time I was at the end of a future jobs fund placement for Willow Park Housing trust. This was a six month placement and I was working as part of the HR team as an Admin assistant. The confidence course was very good and I gained lots of tips and ways to boost my own self esteem and self worth.

At the beginning of the course I was a little unsure of myself and wanted to be able to express myself in a more professional way to people in authority and as I was coming to the end of my future jobs placement I was getting a bit anxious as to where I was going next and beginning to loose a bit of confidence. Mumba helped me to develop my confidence and motivation techniques in such a way that I soon began to feel much more able to look to my future in a more positive way and able to challenge anything I felt was wrong.

I decided to apply for a CSO position that came up within Willow Park and was able to secure an interview. Before my interview took place I was fortunate enough to attend an interview skills course again with the lovely Mumba. The skills I learned on this were invaluable to me as I new I had an upcoming interview. The mock interview that Mumba arranged was really good and the feedback I got was very positive and helped me to identify where I was going wrong and where I was going right.

My interview for my new job I felt went extremely well and I was very pleased to be offered the position. I have been here for two months now and things could not be better. Thank you Mumba you are the REAL fairy jobmother.