Dynamic Heights

 Dynamic Heights


Matthew Myers

Mumba has drastically improved my self confidence in many ways including how I would approach my job applications and to not feel dejected after successive rejections and to be optimistic when I hit that all important send button. It is all about having a positive look on things and avoiding being depressed and resigning yourself to just applying for the sake of it. It is easy to feel depressed when unemployed but it is important not to let this show at interview as confidence and good interview technique are key factors in the selection process, all of which she excels at helping you with.

She has always encouraged that we continually follow up all jobs we apply for, especially in those cases when we are unsuccessful, as any advice gained will be beneficial in the long term. In some cases we may gain further links to hidden jobs that might not be advertised externally. With Mumba the whole job-hunting process is a journey. She can provide key support in analysing our skills and achievements for which we can build on by attending courses, work clubs as well as setting yourself achievable goals all of which help in gaining sustained employment.

She has helped provide techniques with ways to answer competency based interview questions. She made me aware of the STAR method response, which employers are mainly looking for in most customer service based roles. In our answer the interviewer wants to know the Situation or Task you were faced with, what Action you took and what was the Result of what you did. I have found all her advice and support invaluable that it helped me secure a permanent post. The idea of Mumba organising classes in confidence and interview technique to the Inspire Centre has my full backing, as these skills will always important in our daily lives and career prospects.