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What does confidence look like?

Self-confidence is a super power, building your confidence is a journey, it takes time to navigate in the right direction and get back on the road when ever you wonder off track. Read this book to gain 7 steps to self-awareness. Complete the 7 activities after each chapter to put into practice your learning and strive to be the person your truly meant to be!

Transformational & Personal Development - Trainer, Author & Consultant.

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Master Your inner Confidence Online Training Course.

Confident Tool "Inside out Confidence" - Healthy on the inside, leads to healthy on the outside!

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Participants Review

Tina Tamsho-Thomas Ba Hons – Course participant

Mumba is a consistent motivating influence, inspiring trust, confidence and the unique ability to make course participants feel equally included and valued.  She is exceptionally well organised, reliable and committed to delivering exemplary course standards.  I wish her every success in the future.

Nidi Etim – Strategic Growth Team Trafford Council

I have had the please to work with Mumba on the design and delivery of the Big Hit Employability programmes which have run over the past few years to help increase employability skills for unemployed people in the area.  As the Lead Tutor on the programme Mumba has shaped the content and format of the Big Hit to make it an enriching experience for all who have taken part.  In particular she has amazing skills to help people feel empowered and its wonderful to see the increased self -esteem and self confidence of people who have been on one of the courses and experienced Mumba’s magic!!

Duane Freeman

Big shout out to my mother… last weekend was nominated to win an award at the hero’s and shero’s event. for her work as an entrepreneur, setting up her own business herself Dynamic Heights with no help from anyone… she is the epitome of a true strong minded hard working intelligent down to earth ethnic woman, she was described as a real sister before collecting her runner up prize…
The fact your work is being noticed in the community speaks volumes, keep up your fantastic work you are a blessing not just to me but to everyone you come in contact with.. you truly have a gift, embrace your destiny mummy you was born to do this.. love from D x x x x x x x

Marjorie Walters

Mumba is a truly gifted trainer and facilitator, with the ability to connect with clients in a way which brings a transformation of heart and mind.  Her “Thoughts to Action” programme is incredible and I would recommend it.

Juliet Lapinski – Women of Worth participant

Hi Mumba, it was wonderful meeting you and fellow participants today.  Having experienced today I cannot wait for the rest of the course.  Thank you for the wonderful Women of Worth programme you have for us and leading it so beautifully, it definitely lives up to its name “WOW”!!!!

Sonia, Interview Skills customer

As a satisfied customer I would like to affirm that the performance, quality and value for money of Dynamic Heights service was second to none.  Mumba was professional, on time and went over and above what I expected.  Thank You

Aneesa Ahmad, Waste Manager at NuGeneration Limited

I met Mumba whilst working together with the Voice of BME Trafford. During this time Mumba mentioned her skills in coaching and development when I discussed I had a couple of job interviews coming up. Mumba was amazing in drawing out skills and qualities in myself that I had not considered and had me 110% prepared for my interview. Mumba’s expertise in Interview Coaching gave me the confidence to lead both my interviews and I was successful in getting offered the position. I highly recommend Mumba for Interview preparation coaching – she gets results.

Bruce Miller, Director of Recovery Services, ODAT, HOPE worldwide UK

Mumba Kafula of Dynamic Heights has an exceptional ability to understand the salient issues of recruitment. Having not applied for a job in about 26 years the coaching support helped me to be less daunted by the application process for a new role as a Director in a charity.  After being shortlisted, she followed up with tips for my presentation and interview. Dynamic Heights was a valuable resource, I recommend their wisdom and knowledge.  I was offered the position.

Yvonne Richards

Rarely do I get the opportunity to explore how the issues of race, gender and business intersect to affect the opportunities available to black women. By attending Mumba’s bespoke course “Thoughts to Action”, I had the wonderful experience of meeting a group of professional black women who were courageous enough to look at these issues.  With Mumba’s support, I enjoyed the enthusiasm, diversity of perspectives and solutions that the group brought to our training. I finished my training feeling more confident to face these challenges whilst still enhancing the sector I work in.

Chris Oxborrow

I met Mumba at a Coaching conference in the midst of a challenging crossroads in my career – one of the reasons I had attended the conference in the first place. We clicked straight away – she has an amiable and dynamic personality with a natural talent for exploring pertinent issues. I found her friendly and supportive way she helped me work towards solutions and goals very effective and have greatly appreciated her perspective and skills. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to explore the next step in their lives whether personal or professional.

Lydia Meryll, Manchester Metropolitan University

I have been impressed by Mumba’s untiring optimism and resilience. She has helped me with many technical problems with good humour and encouragement. She remains a good friend who recognises the benefits of mutual support.

Ann Barnes

This course exceeded my expectations.  Mumba is an excellent trainer and has really helped me to be more positive about achieving my goals in life.  This course has given me some really useful tools and techniques to cope with challenges I may face in life.  I would highly recommend this course – it has increased my confidence and belief in myself.  I now look forward to challenges with hope and optimism, rather than fear and negativity. Mumba is a lovely person and she manages to make the course relevant to your particular circumstances.

B. Soboyejo

This workshop has taught me: decision making, Positiveness, Confidence, Public speaking, Story telling and being bold and focused. I have more confidence than I had before this course, I was able to give a big thank you speech to about 30 people at my graduation celebration, I am also more focused and positive than before.  Mumba the trainer makes you feel as if she was part of us, making the course enjoyable and making you want to go back again the following week.  I have learnt a lot and would recommend this course to anyone.

Rayna Watts

One to one Interview Coaching Consultation

I have used the services provided by Dynamic Heights when applying for a position and in preparation for an interview.  The support I received included my application form being reviewed and receiving constructive feedback.  Guidance was given on how to express through my application form how my experience met the criteria and requirements for the position.  Preparation for my interview included a variety of interview techniques to consider prior to and during my interview also a mock interview which gave further advice on presentation and body language. The advice and guidance I received from Dynamic Heights has been positive and invaluable.  I attended my interview feeling positive, well prepared, and more confident in myself.  The interview was a success and I was appointed to the position. Thank You Dynamic Heights.

Ann-Marie Jones

Doing the confidence course has made me believe in myself again and not to undervalue my achievements no latter how small. I feel more positive about my future which has brought happiness back into my life.


My name is Stacey and Mumba has helped me loads with my confidence and interview skills. I haven’t been in work for 8 months. I recently had 3 interviews and I was offered them all! If it wasn’t for Mumba I don’t think I would have got them.

Nina Chakrabarty

Out of all the trainers/teachers I have ever had in my life, Mumba was the best, I think she should teach other teachers how to teach.

Marya Ahmed

Mumba has been inspiring and such a lovely individual who has been caring, funny and helpful. Always had a positive attitude, lenient and patient. She has helped open doors for many in self awareness and will stay with us. I couldn’t have asked for someone with a better personality than her to teach me on this course.

Judy Craven, Adult Education Tutor

I have known and worked with Mumba Kafula for about 15 years. We worked together between 1995 and 2005 in Manchester on training projects for a range of community organisations and parent groups. Mumba has worked for Manchester City Council and a variety of other institutions providing training in responding to diversity, management issues and study skills. Mumba prepares and delivers training to a high professional standard. She liaises effectively with groups, identifying needs and designing appropriate activities, delivering quality programmes and monitoring outcomes. She is responsive to the needs of learners and clients and understands how to meet their needs in the design of training. 

Elleen Okotie

I had an interview for a manager’s job last year and found the help that Mumba gave me to prepare was really helpful. She helped me to think through the questions I might be asked, based on the person specification/job description, and then we role played how I might address the questions. As part of the interview I had to do a presentation and found it useful to run through this with Mumba to get my timing right and also to build my confidence in my delivery. Mumba was able to give me lots of constructive assistance in preparing for every aspect of the interview. Thanks Mumba!

Margaret Glossop

Mumba delivered outplacement support to one of our teams during a period of restructure. Her calm, focussed delivery and empathy enabled people to reflect on the reality of their current situation and emerge with new approaches and fresh perspectives. Mumba is an experienced personal development trainer and coach who is committed to using her expertise to support people through the practical and emotional challenges of transition.”

Michelle, Copywriter

I attended the Balancing your Life with Confidence Course. Mumba created an environment which was relaxed and informal with her friendly and supportive nature. She is able to draw people out of themselves and encourages everyone in their individual challenges and aspirations in life. The course helped me to really focus on the changes I wanted to make in my life to be a better planner and to achieve more out of my day by setting myself goals. The course was great fun but also informative too. I left feeling more confident about my future and career goals. I would definitely recommend Mumba’s courses. Her expertise, supportive nature and down to earth attitude is really an asset. Thank you Mumba.

Lorna Young, Centre 4 Success

Prior to receiving coaching with Mumba I was nervous about the upcoming interview and had no idea how I would go about answering the questions that may come up and felt bewildered with the application process and application form. After, being coached by Mumba I was able to deliver a clear and concise application form and approach the interview with confidence. If you would like to gain a thorough knowledge on how to write application form, gain more confidence at interview then I would highly recommend Mumba’s coaching.

Cassandra Brown – Coaching client and attendee at Balancing your Life with Confidence Workshop

“I recommend Dynamic Heights Service to anybody that has ever felt, feels lost in life, who could do with that extra bit of support to get back on their feet. That extra bit of confidence and self believe to achieve goals and be successful. I consider myself to be successful and Mumba (Dynamic Heights) was a great support to me throughout my journey to that success and beyond.”

Fiona Gray, Specialist Older Adult Fitness Instructor

I approached Mumba for one to one Coaching because I had many aspects to my freelance work and I wanted to find a way to bring it all together. Mumba was really effective at drawing out what was really important to me and helped identified strengths and opportunities I didn’t know I had. She helped me to define my business identity. This has helped me to stay focused when opportunities arise. She really cares about her clients and often gets in touch with me to find out how my work is going. I am happy to recommend Mumba as a Coach.

Tracy Parker, Personal Development Trainer, Writer & Speaker

I recently attended one of Dynamic Height’s workshops ‘Balancing Your Life with Confidence’. Mumba Kafula facilitated this, and upon arriving I was immediately made to feel comfortable and at ease. During the workshop Mumba shared knowledgeable insights and tools which helped me to become much more aware of how out of balance my life was, highlighted areas where this could be improved and I was able to implement my learning to better balance my life. I enjoyed the workshop and met some great people. I came away from the workshop feeling motivated and inspired.

Tammy Fleming, Women’s Minister at Midlands Churches of Christ

Mumba is an inspiring example of what she promotes with her business, Dynamic Heights: finding that elusive work-life balance and empowering busy women to attain a better quality of life. Mumba is knowledgable, persuasive yet not pushy, and her presentation is witty, clever, and enlightening for our audiences. We were 100% satisfied and would have her back again.

Zalika Akinsete, Family Mediator

My experience of Mumba is a woman of integrity, reliability, commitment, understanding and is excellent at what she provides as a coach. Mumba listens to me attentively helps me to think out-of-the-box in order to meet my business aims. Where I have experienced ‘stumbling blocks’, she has been able to tap into my psyche in order to transform my negative thoughts into positive ones. After a coaching session with Mumba, I am motivated, inspired and energised, knowing that I will give 100 per cent to making my business work. She has made me even more passionate about Family Mediation on so many levels. I wholeheartedly recommend Mumba and will continue to work with her as it is time and money well spent.

Ama Okoro, Credit/Customer Care Co-ordinator

I got to know Mumba first before enlisting her help twice now in 18months.
During this time, she has proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She always had an efficient strategy lined up to make our sessions together go smoothly and was excellent in communicating her ideas too. I learned from her even when she wasn’t coaching me.
I find her to be:
Honest, with Integrity and trustworthy
Dedicated and goal-orientated
Efficient, organized, and has time-management skills

Like I mentioned before, she has coached me twice, firstly on my path to a new career and secondly, interview skills. Both times were productive experiences, as she delved in wholeheartedly in to the subject matter with such candour and made me feel like I could really do what I set my mind on. I heartily recommend Mumba and would be only too happy to work with her again.

Abigail Reid, Primary School Key Stage Two Teacher, Qualified Journalist , PR Professional and Social Media Professional

I had not been confidently portraying my abilities at interview until intervention from Mumba. No longer underestimating my abilities, I went on to turn down an opportunity that I felt wasn’t right for me before eventually finding the job of my dreams. Mumba has also delivered training at an organisation that I worked for in the past and her forthright but personable approach lead to extremely positive outcomes as participants were able to realise their full potential and were equipped with the skills to act upon this.

Adele Harrison

I attended two courses run by Mumba. The confidence course and the interview skills and techniques. At the time I was at the end of a future jobs fund placement for Willow Park Housing trust. This was a six month placement and I was working as part of the HR team as an Admin assistant. The confidence course was very good and I gained lots of tips and ways to boost my own self esteem and self worth.

At the beginning of the course I was a little unsure of myself and wanted to be able to express myself in a more professional way to people in authority and as I was coming to the end of my future jobs placement I was getting a bit anxious as to where I was going next and beginning to loose a bit of confidence. Mumba helped me to develop my confidence and motivation techniques in such a way that I soon began to feel much more able to look to my future in a more positive way and able to challenge anything I felt was wrong.

I decided to apply for a CSO position that came up within Willow Park and was able to secure an interview. Before my interview took place I was fortunate enough to attend an interview skills course again with the lovely Mumba. The skills I learned on this were invaluable to me as I new I had an upcoming interview. The mock interview that Mumba arranged was really good and the feedback I got was very positive and helped me to identify where I was going wrong and where I was going right.

My interview for my new job I felt went extremely well and I was very pleased to be offered the position. I have been here for two months now and things could not be better. Thank you Mumba you are the REAL fairy jobmother.

Matthew Myers

Mumba has drastically improved my self confidence in many ways including how I would approach my job applications and to not feel dejected after successive rejections and to be optimistic when I hit that all important send button. It is all about having a positive look on things and avoiding being depressed and resigning yourself to just applying for the sake of it. It is easy to feel depressed when unemployed but it is important not to let this show at interview as confidence and good interview technique are key factors in the selection process, all of which she excels at helping you with.

She has always encouraged that we continually follow up all jobs we apply for, especially in those cases when we are unsuccessful, as any advice gained will be beneficial in the long term. In some cases we may gain further links to hidden jobs that might not be advertised externally. With Mumba the whole job-hunting process is a journey. She can provide key support in analysing our skills and achievements for which we can build on by attending courses, work clubs as well as setting yourself achievable goals all of which help in gaining sustained employment.

She has helped provide techniques with ways to answer competency based interview questions. She made me aware of the STAR method response, which employers are mainly looking for in most customer service based roles. In our answer the interviewer wants to know the Situation or Task you were faced with, what Action you took and what was the Result of what you did. I have found all her advice and support invaluable that it helped me secure a permanent post. The idea of Mumba organising classes in confidence and interview technique to the Inspire Centre has my full backing, as these skills will always important in our daily lives and career prospects.

Jo Dean, Area Manager, Merseyside Cluster

In April 2012 Mumba Kafula delivered a 3 day training course for our residents at the Powerhouse Foyer in Liverpool. The Powerhouse provides support to young people aged between 16 and 25 years. Our residents often lack the confidence to pursue their social, emotional, educational and financial goals and can find the prospect of moving forward in life daunting.

Mumba delivered a Confidence and Motivational Development Workshop to some of our young people who for various reasons did not want to engage in mainstream education. Mumba visited the service prior to the course and gained an understanding of some of the barriers to learning that our young people face. From there she tailored a course to specifically meet the needs of our residents.

In total six residents attended the course. The feedback at the end of each day was very positive. The residents really enjoyed Mumba’s training style and felt comfortable and valued. After the course the attendees were indeed motivated to approach new challenges and all said that Mumba was an inspirational trainer.

As a manager at the Foyer, I watched the attendees undergo a transformation and become more driven to follow their goals. I would recommend Mumba to deliver this course as she has the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver training which is candidate led and truly inspirational.

I look forward to working with Mumba again in the near future.

Sam Quale (young person attended a pre-employment course delivered by Mumba)

This course has made me more dedicated and determined to achieve my goals in the future. I think my time on this course has been well spent I am thankful for the opportunity for me to learn new skills and help me with my upcoming prospects of eventually setting up my own business. I would like to thank Mumba for being a wonderful trainer, she’s made me more positive and lion-hearted.

Dorothy Kaganowich – interview coaching client

I would like to begin by calling you my Fairly God Daughter, in the world way of knowing things. You came to the rescue.  You actually have all the God given gifts in coaching. You are a powerful, Lady of Wisdom, how were you able to see inside of me of what I needed and also lacked? You applied, dedication, time and patience. For you gave me all the tools I needed, and also poured inside of me courage, strength, insight and articulation. I was able to face the interview fully armed and confident. You have been given you a gift not to be taken lightly, May God bless, protect, defend, and shine His face on you.

Miki Shika

I highly recommend this service and Mumba has been a God-sent for us. Thank you
again for investing in us and helping us to develop confidence in what we do and
strategies that will help us achieve success in the future.

Ayisatu Idaraya

The sessions were deeply insightful and action driven. There were no wasted
moments and the unique opportunities to meet inspiring local individuals was truly
spectacular. I am leaving this experience with an enriched mind and progress in my
business and project planning as well as an expanded network of professionals to
engage with. I do hope these sessions will be renewed as the business needs are
ever changing and the feedback from peers and professional facilitation has been
vital for the progress that I have made.

Regards Susan M.

Mumba is an excellent mentor, I learned so much during my six weeks course on
Interview and Presentation. I was reasonably confident and now 150% more so
than before. I would recommend this course to anyone who wish to success in
their future prospect. Best wishes.

Rayna Watts

I have used the services provided by Dynamic Heights when applying for a position
and in preparation for an interview.  The support I received included my application
form being reviewed and receiving constructive feedback.  Guidance was given on
how to express through my application form how my experience met the criteria and
requirements for the position.  Preparation for my interview included a variety of
interview techniques to consider prior to and during my interview also a mock
interview which gave further advice on presentation and body language. The advice
and guidance I received from Dynamic Heights has been positive and invaluable.  I
attended my interview feeling positive, well prepared, and more confident in
myself.  The interview was a success and I was appointed to the position. Thank You
Dynamic Heights.

Andrea Nelson

Mumba possesses strong critical thinking skills, which enables her to identify the key issues in a situation, leading to positive outcomes. Positivity oozes from her, which leaves others feeling refreshed and encouraged. Possessing core qualities of congruence and genuineness. In particular Black women, who may find it difficult to acquire safe spaces for growth and development Mumba presence, words and conduct inspires so many.

Paula King

I have had the privilege of attending some of Mumba Kafula training programmes. I can definitely confirm that once you complete her programme you will never look at life the same way again.