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Master Your inner Confidence

Online Training Programme

7 steps to the – new you!

Transform your life by creating a new you!

Do you feel stuck, or stagnant? It’s no joke being in a rut and not knowing your way out.  Do you lack the know how or the confidence to change this? It can leave you feeling deflated, defeated and demoralised.  This leads to a lackluster approach to the things you want to do well and a deep down desire for things to change, but also challenging as to how to move forward. 

Learning to Master Your Inner Confidence is your key to break free!

What will you learn

MYIC online programme will provide you with the right information, tools and know how to deal effectively with day to day challenges, to help you feel more motivated to try new things, to work more committed towards fulfilling your dreams, to become more confident in leading a more empowered lifestyle. A practical online training programme which includes 7 modules to support your growth and confidence in any aspect of your life or career development.  These step-by-step modules will support you on your journey. Each module combines with reading the chapters of the book and incorporates your learning capacity to solidify your actionable stages of growth.   Obtain a free copy of the book when you register and purchase the online programme.  Transfer your thoughts into actionable and realistic steps to build and sustain a more confident you!

What will it help you to improve?

On completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Boost your self esteem
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your positive thought process
  • Help promote a clearer outlook
  • Be more aware of your emotions
  • Improved behaviour patterns
  • Give you key skills to building resilience
  • Improve higher levels of performance
  • Break old habits and learn new ones

All what you need for an important more improved confident you and for an Investment to yourself.

Don’t fret……… just get set….. You won’t regret! 

Do not let finance be a barrier to your success, there are 2 payment options to choose from.   
Choose your option when you sign up.
  • A free Dynamic Heights notebook to keep all your notes, activities, planning ideas and goal settings all in one place.
  • A free copy of Master your Inner Confidence book  when you signup. This book is a support element of the online course.

Course Modules Breakdown

Click each module below to learn more about it.

Module 1

Discover ways to learn how to identify and know what you are gifted in, then how to look for opportunities to discover the things you are really good at.

Module 2

Develop techniques to monitor aspects of your personal areas of confidence growth.  Approach new or challenging areas of life by pushing yourself out of your comfort zones.

Module 3

Support your understanding on how confidence helps you in life and why you need more of it.  Understand how self-esteem and our self-worth go hand in hand with our confidence journey.

Module 4

Understands your confidence needs and identifies authentic and accountable actions you will need to improve upon them.

Module 5

Learns the Dynamic Heights  7 Ps Principle to confidence. to understand the importance of applying them to all aspects of your confidence journey.

Module 6

Demonstrates the importance of reflection and will give you an opportunity to connect with self for optimising your development.

Module 7

Provide 5 dynamic areas that can help balance your life and in turn heighten your level of confidence.

Testimonials from "Master your Inner Confidence"

Ms Kafula writes in a thought provoking way. 'Master your Inner Confidence' encourages you to dream and then provides the structure to build the blocks to make your dreams a reality. Mumba is with you every step of the way with a written pep talk, encouragement and moments of reflection to nudge you back on track. A proven safe pair of hands.

S, Hartnell

Fantastic read, I couldn't put the book down. It is jargon-free and easy to read. I love that the book is packed with case studies, practical exercises to complete and thought-provoking questions that challenge you. This book is a must-read. 

T Coley

Definitely a worthwhile read to start you on your journey of change and power. The book will help you reflect and inspire you to take action to help achieve inner and outer confidence.  

Nadia F

Testimonials from the Website

Mumba is a consistent motivating influence, inspiring trust, confidence and the unique ability to make course participants to feel equally included and valued. She is exceptionally well organised, reliable and committed to exemplary course standards. I wish her every success in the future.

T Tamsho

I’ve known Mumba since 2012. She is very professional and positive in her approach. She is also very sincere and therefore possesses a natural ability to empower others in terms of building self -confidence, self- esteem and self -belief.  I always feel stronger, more self - assured and more confident in myself after speaking to Mumba. Dynamic Heights is very successful by word of mouth.  I recommend Dynamic Heights Service to anybody that has ever felt, or feels lost in life, which could do with that extra bit of support to get back on their feet. That extra bit of confidence and self believe to achieve goals and be successful. I consider myself to be successful and (Dynamic Heights) was a great support to me throughout my journey to that success and beyond. 

C Brown


How long will it take me to complete the whole course:

It can take you as little as 7 weeks if you complete the tasks fully lon a weekly basis. Or you can choose to take a slower pace and over a longer period of time.  The most important think is to complete the activities and exercises to maximise your results.

How long will the changes last for:

The change will last as long as you keep them in your ongoing  practice.  Like most things if we don’t use them we can loose them. 

How will I know I have made Progress:

You will feel it, see it in yourself and sometimes others comment on your growth.