Dynamic Heights

 Dynamic Heights


Hello, I’m Mumba Kafula, the founder of Dynamic Heights Training Services.

My main goal is to support people to obtain a dynamic vision, leading to a dynamic life.

Dynamic Heights

Award Winning Transformational Consultant.

“Dynamic” signifies the potential we all have to be dynamic in what we set our minds to do or be.

“Heights” signifies the true potential which clients can reach for in their personal and professional life.

My passion and my purpose is to work with people to help them to grow and identify how to make effective improvements towards an indomitable life. I can support others to see the beauty of who they are from within. I believe that “we all have the power to change and the value we place in ourselves is the starting point.” Dynamic Heights services provide a transformation style approach that improves, shapes and develops your truest value and purpose.

Who can Dynamic Heights help?

  • Organisations that support people back into work
  • Housing Association employees, and also their local residents
  • Academies, colleges, universities and schools
  • Recently made redundant and looking for renewed confidence
  • Women who may lack confidence and motivation and a sense of purpose
  • Young people who require a clearer focus and support into employment
  • Women who want to explore the world of setting up a new business
  • For more information please contact Dynamic Heights today!