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Dynamic Heights Training Services

Please see below a snapshot of Dynamic Heights Training courses we provide a variety of specific and specialised services to support personal development improvements to individuals within communities and organisations.   All courses can be adapted, or tailor made to suit you or your organisations specific needs. 

More information or a meet up regarding course deliverables can be made available on request.

Courses Available

Bespoke packages:

Dynamic Heights Training programmes can be designed and delivered to include tailor-made training packages to suit your team or organisational needs.  Supporting your ethos and vision, within the training delivery via discussions on what the organisation needs. Consultations, reviews or feedback can be provided within the design of the bespoke service packages. 

Outplacement support:

Training workshops over two days are provided to support groups and individuals to build confidence and awareness in adopting new approaches to new challenges.  It provides a wider appreciation of their existing skills and how to apply them into new visions for their career and future. The service also offers a clearer goal orientated approach towards a career choice. 

Volunteer Training:

This one-day course will assist volunteers to be aware of the value of volunteering and apply their learning directly to meeting the needs of the community. They will understand how to be effective in their role and apply appropriate skills and techniques to enhance their volunteer experience. 

Dynamic Women:

Training programme over 3 days to enable women to be confident in looking at ideas and explore options and the possibility of setting up a business and enterprise start-ups as an alternative to employment as well as incorporate skills for work and life.  It includes enterprise matters, address barriers and concerns to overcome. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and a clear business focus, that leads to a more enhanced life.  

Unconscious Bias awareness – equality, diversity & inclusion

This unconscious bias training workshop and facilitated discussion  that support each participant to become comfortable in beginning to have open discussions to develop ways to explore and apply critical thinking, when concerns become apparent of racial unconscious bias in job roles and the impact this can have on their colleagues as well as the services they deliver to the public/community. It will assist how to apply sensitive ways to address them, including identifying the bias in ourselves, as a starting point. 

Balancing your life with confidence:

This one-day workshop has been designed to add value to women’s lives.  It helps women to understand their real worth.  Practical applications and approaches to life balance are explored.  Using a 5 staged tool that builds approaches towards achieving a confident and a more balanced lifestyle.

Pre-employability training – Discover your true value:

Provides participants with a two-day opportunity to discover and value who they are.  It combines interview skills, presentation skills  and confidence building.  It assists in motivation towards positive changes to improve chances of obtaining a job.  Helps to clarify goals and assist in how to find employment opportunities.  It looks at challenges and pressures to identifying where changes may need to be made to maximise life progression.   

BAME Social Entrepreneur Mentors – Facilitated Discussion Sessions

Mentor facilitated discussion sessions supporting committed mentors to continue to develop positive ways to build trustworthy mentor/mentee relationship with an upcoming BAME social entrepreneur. Facilitate the exploration of skill sets and techniques in mentoring. Building discussions around improvements to BAME engagement towards excelling in their progression as an entrepreneur.  

Professional boundaries in the workplace

This workshop provides staff the opportunity to discuss learning to develop their awareness of boundaries within the workplace.  To clarify professional expectations, increase awareness and knowledge and discuss best approaches to potential boundary challenges. The session provides opportunities to explore the impact as a consequence of not adhering to set boundaries and the potential associated risks. Work towards embedding key working practices. 

Create a journaling mindset

Journaling can help the brain regulate emotions better and enable better decision making. You will learn journaling skills to get you started and build your confidence to journal more. Whether it is something you have always done and want to perfect, or if it new for you and you want to make a start, this short course can help you create more emotional catharsis, and support the reduction of stress and anxiety that may exist, then end with a lovely journalistic piece of written word to get you motivated to go on writing and enjoying.