Dynamic Heights

 Dynamic Heights



One-to-One Interview and Presentation Skills Coaching


We offer a comfortable, caring and effective approach to tackling some of the underlying issues and concerns that have led to previous unsuccessful job interviews. Support for those new to the job market, those who have been made redundant or who are looking to move forward in their career. Being able to be confident in an interview takes preparation and planning and linking to the job requirements and your experience, skill, and knowledge.

These sessions will build you up to be confident, focused and able to deliver in these settings. Support packages for a job application filling out or an impending interview preparation is also available on request.

The sessions will support you to:

Establish how to promote your qualities and attributes to your best advantage as well as being able to identify the right approach to take and make the best of any opportunity your are presented with. These sessions will prepare you with interview practise that identify your most effective interview technique with a style and an approach that suits you. You will end up feeling confident, being prepared and ready to take decisive action to your next interview or presentation.