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Networking Events

networkingNetworking events are invaluable for building business contacts. They are excellent places to meet potential clients and at least make them aware of your business. Dynamic Heights Awareness Training Service can offer you improved confidence in what you have to offer to others, especially if you are nervous about attending such events then, this service can assist you to be more aware of how you come across, improve your confidence and have an effective style and approach. All this will assist your potential to obtain new leads and heighten your ability to acquire prospective clients.

Networking In Action

I recently attended a networking event in the city of Manchester and met some interesting people. They were also all in very interesting businesses. I will be following up on some contacts made to explore insights, ideas and interests. Think I will be attending much more in the near future.

Your Confident Journey

Often our confidence starts with how we think about our selves and a given situation, then it tends to focus on how we feel about it, then our actions lead from there.  The more we apply a positive view in our minds of a situation we are about to go into the better it makes us feel, once we feel better about a situation it impacts on our behaviour.  Our confidence is a journey and all journeys have to start somewhere.  If we start with our thinking it really can be a big help!!

Balancing Your Life With Confidence Workshop

This workshop was all about life balance and staying focused and positive, providing practical advice on how to get there. The workshop assisted participants to value themselves in a way which supports their vision and goals in life. The feedback from the attendees has been excellent. Follow this blog to find out when our next workshop will be.

Discover Your True Value

Confidence & Motivational Development/ Interview & Presentation Skills Training Workshop

Dynamic Heights is delivering the above course in Manchester to support young people to develop confidence for the next job interview.  The course is taking place over a six week programme and assists participants to increase their personal impact, make themselves feel more valuable and create greater opportunities to influence their future employment.  Supported by Trafford Housing Trust and Job Centre Plus.