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Balancing Your Life With Confidence Workshop for Women

Balancing Your Life With Confidence Workshop for Women

A One Day Training Workshop  yoga-544970__180

It can often be hard to balance all the things we have to do as women. It can be frustrating not being able to complete tasks in the time available to us. It can also be challenging when we struggle to meet deadlines and fulfil commitments. With our one day practical workshop, we will take you to a place of real empowerment and encouragement. This workshop will help focus your thoughts on your overall well-being and personal development. It will assist you to be more pro-active, optimistic and will help you gain a balanced lifestyle.

You will receive:

  • Effective toolkits that will assist you to be a more effective organiser
  • Practical outlooks that will help you to focus on what’s really important
  • Seven simple steps to assist you in your daily life to strive and thrive


Testimonials from Balancing Your Life With Confidence workshops:

“I attended the Balancing your Life with Confidence Workshop. Mumba created an environment which was relaxed and informal with her friendly and supportive nature. She is able to draw people out of themselves and encourages everyone in their individual challenges and aspirations in life. The course helped me to really focus on the changes I wanted to make in my life to be a better planner and to achieve more out of my day by setting myself goals. The course was great fun but also informative too. I left feeling more confident about my future and career goals. I would definitely recommend Mumba’s courses. Her expertise, supportive nature and down to earth attitude is really an asset. Thank you Mumba.”



“I recommend Dynamic Heights Service to anybody that has ever felt, feels lost in life, who could do with that extra bit of support to get back on their feet. That extra bit of confidence and self believe to achieve goals and be successful. I consider myself to be successful and Mumba (Dynamic Heights) was a great support to me throughout my journey to that success and beyond.”

Cassandra Brown – Coaching client and attendee at Balancing your Life with Confidence Workshop