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 Dynamic Heights


Rise to Shine Programme for Women


What is Rise to Shine?

Rise to Shine is transformational, personal development coaching programme.

Rise to Shine will support you to achieve excellence when preparing for future life challenges.

What you will receive?

Rise to Shine is a compilation of all the Dynamic Heights one to one coaching elements. It will develop your communication, presentation, interview and confidence skills. In addition to gaining further insight and self awareness. You will build your self esteem to transfer all your learning into everyday life circumstances. Raised motivation and past achievement recognition will be an effective driver to moving you forward. This will determine a personal growth and well-being in addition to adding value to your entire experience. Your confidence and self-esteem will increase via the effective application of tools and techniques that will empower you to be armed appropriately to take decisive and positive action in your life.

How will you receive it?

By developing your skill sets through various methods of motivational coaching and improving how you use your time, energy and commitment to plan your life goals.

What will it help you to improve?

  • Boost your self esteem
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve your positive thought process
  • Help promote a clearer outlook
  • Be more aware of your emotions
  • Improved behaviour patterns
  • Give you key skills to building resilience
  • Improve higher levels of performance
  • Break old habits and learning new ones


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Rise to Shine!!


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